8 Reasons Why Pestpro Is Best For Insect Identification

Based on stats we have seen alarming numbers showing that insect identification is needed. With more resource than ever, you’d think the internet wouldn’t ask for such high demand in insect identification.

With Google and bug guides, you’d think that people would be pretty happy. With all the books out there also. But the curiosity and desire for insect identification has increased dramatically.


Groups have grown to thousands of people who are simply looking for the ID of a bug.

That’s why we have created Pestpro.

What started as an app has grown into a website in which has taken months to create. We have finally built something that we believe will help you with insect and arachnid identification.

8 reasons we’re the best place to go for insect identification:

1. No other like it. It’s the only place you go for a insect identification that isn’t complicated.

2. It’s quick. As time goes on our identifications will roll out quicker and quicker. We’re still working on improving the system even more. But once we have that complete we plan on crunching down on time it takes to ID a bug.

3. It’s so easy. You simply login with a social media login button. And then upload image! You then will get an email once identified.

4. It’s free. Enough said.

5. It’s accurate. Our site not only identifies, but it also draws the top identifiers in the world! Not just anyone anyone can join to identify. We first search for these people and analyze the accuracy of their identifications. Then we choose those that have proven themselves to be reliable and accurate.

6.  It’s educational. Not only can you get great identifications, but you can learn about the world of insects. You can view our gallery of bugs and what exactly they are. You can see what people are finding in their houses and what to do about each bug. (The gallery feature is being released in just a few days from August 1st.)

7. It’s the only site to take on this challenge. People have said there was no way to do what we’re doing. How could we take on everyone’s bug questions? Simple. One at a time. And as we find more people like us that will become more and more easier. We have turned into a game and available on every device hoping this brings fun and enjoyment to those who help us.

8. It could save your life, or a bugs life. Many bugs have been killed simply because it was misidentified. We want to save bug lives if possible. Bugs shouldn’t be killed for just being killed.

But also we want to protect your life. Most bugs are harmless, but some can be painful. And we want to keep that from happening.

We hope you enjoy Pestpro and that it brings peace of mind. Our goal is to help millions find the answer to their questions. It won’t be easy, but helping people is what we do. Some of us have been studying bugs for decades and now want to help you learn about them as well.




Desktop Is Working


Desktop seems to be working for most. We have a few “bugs” we’re working out. But upload/identifying seems to be working so far. So we’re very grateful. Soon we’ll have thousands sending in their images. To think we’re helping those who was being helped before. It’s exciting.


First Update


We are working on city database so we can help all of the USA. With over 30k cities that’s alot of pages to add! Once we are through everything should run smooth.

All logins seem to be working. But Uploading still has it issues and we’re working on that.