The Top 9 Bug Fights On Youtube

Here are 9 of the top bug fights on Youtube ( I understand spiders and scorpions are among some of these fights also). Understand the identifications of the insect (or spider) within the video maybe incorrect. But the strategies of war among these guys are just amazing. We rate them based on action and the unbelievable winner at the end.


If you think bug fighting is cruel you may not want to watch these videos. They simply show how amazing nature is and that defense is built even among the smallest of creatures.

Hope you enjoy.

9. Jumping Jack Ants vs. Huntsman Spider: 2,330,528 views

8. Spider Vs. Wasp: 1,315,211 views

7. Black Widow vs. Scorpion: 1,713,910 views

6. European Wasp Vs Bull Ant: 885,949 views

5. Bee Vs. Jumping Spider: 4,818,199 views

4. Brazilian wanderer spider vs tarantula hawk wasp: 244,776 views

3. War Ants vs Termites: 618,935 views

2. Fire Ants Vs. Giant Wolf Spider: 872,223 views

1. Insane Beetle Chops Scorpion’s Tail Off: 1,574,768 views

Spider Wasp: The “Ninja Wasp”

Spider Wasp

The Spider Wasp, A.K.A. as Ninja Wasp on Youtube, has become famous for it’s amazing fighting skills. As you watch it approach a huge spider you’re for sure the spider will walk away as the winner.

But guess again.

With determination, these wasp many times walk away with their trophy 3x their size.

You can watch that in action here:

Scientific Name: Family Pompilidae

Also known as the Spider Wasp, they are notorious for their fierceness towards spiders. Many in which (among the species) differ in their approach towards humans (mostly passive).

Do they sting?

These wasp hardly ever break the skin when trying to sting a human (if they try that is). But there is a species among this family that really packs a punch. Spider Wasps of the genus Pepsis, also known as tarantula hawks, have a sting rating of 4 (according to the Schmidt sting pain index). Which is close to the pain of a Bullet Ant sting.

How They Feed The Larvae

Spider wasps are solitary wasps that use a single spider as a source for feeding their larvae. They paralyze the spider with a venomous stinger. Once stunned and paralyzed, the spider is dragged to where the hole (nest) has been built.

Are Spider Wasp Considered Pest?

We rate the Spider Wasp as a non-pest. They cause no harm to humans, neither do they infest homes, or transmit diseases. Only the Tarantula Hawk can really cause damage, but among the majority in the Pompilidae family, the Spider Wasp are harmless.


Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Suborder: Apocrita
Superfamily:  Vespoidea
Family: Pompilidae


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