Being the first to offer this identify feature to the whole United States, we proudly present the “Identify Bug” feature. By simply snapping a picture, and giving us about 20 secs of your time you receive everything you need to know about the bug. Result delivery avg. is 2 hours.

Our Bad Bug List has 22 bugs in it. That’s twice the number of the number 1# post on Google. These are bugs people should know about but don’t because of the lack of information online. So when you promote this app, not only are you making money, you’re saving someone pain. You’re also promoting the largest list of dangerous bugs known to Americans.

Another Feature to be proud of is the “Call” Feature. They call the app and leave us their question of any kind. Making us the quickest way to receive response on anything bug-related. Within hours (if not  minutes) they receive their answer via text message.