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It Works

Simply upload a photo of your bug and we'll either identify it or connect you to someone who can!

Pestpro was created to be the quickest and most accurate form of insect identification known online.

How it works: So what you do is simply upload your bug image and have us identify your insect or spider. You will get an email in your inbox as soon as it has been identified. We identify the following: Spiders, beetles, ants, wasp, bed bugs, butterflies, earwigs, hornets, flies, roaches, termites, and so much more.

Correct insect identification is our #1 goal.

As we invest more into our site, Pestpro will become more and more accurate. Only professional identifiers with years of experience havce access to even help with our identification process.

How do we keep our identification accuracy so high?

We simply only allow identifiers join our team who have a proven track record in entomology. Most of which have a degree or certification in the field of entomology.

What's the score for at the bottom?

This is to help us track our key players and to bring recognition to those who make Pestpro possible.


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