Fix Bug Problem

Fix Bug Problem

Americans spend over $15 billion every year trying to solve their bug problems. The average pest control service is $125, and for annual contracts, most spend around $400. All for peace of mind and to solve their bug mystery.

What if we could do that quicker, cheaper, and safer? We can.


That's without chemicals involved, without having to leave work to meet a technician, without having to wait a day or two, and without you worrying "will this hurt my kids and pets?" The biggest curve to our service is that we can save you money. You could spend $400 this year in pest control, but why not spend $10 and get immediate help? Why not get us involved to make sure this in fact what you need? That's what we're here for. We want to save you money, keep you safer, and to make sure you get exact guidance on your bug issue.

How it works

  1. Buy the service and get access to our form.
  2. Fill out our form telling us your situation and submit any photos you may have of the situation.
  3. We then will email you the solutions to your problem. All right to your  inbox.

Why would I do this instead of pest control?

Sometimes you're at a hotel and you can't get your pest control technician to fly to another state to see if this bug is a bed bug, but we can help you within hours. We can guide on what to do in order to be protected. Maybe you're seeing flying insects around your home, and you think you have termites. We can let you know if that's the case because not all swarmers are termites. If you don't have termites and we figure that out, we just saved you around $600-$1200. That's a good reason to use us.

However, sometimes we will actually suggest pest control. Why? It could mean the health of your family and to save more time. We suggest you hire an exterminator for bugs such as bed bugs, but what if this bug you're looking at isn't a bed bug? If we identify that, we just saved you another $500-$1,000 with a solution to the correct bug you're looking at.

Our goal is to solve this bug mystery, help you save money, and ultimately get control back in your home. That's what we're about. We want you to feel like you're in control again and be able to sleep again!