How not to get the Zika virus

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How not to get the Zika virus

As the news and media cover the subject more & more, the public has strong fears about the Zika virus. They want to know how not to get the Zika virus. In December of 2015 is when the public really started to notice this situation.

Google trends show an indication of interest in December and peaked around February and fell. However, the numbers did not go back to normal, and this simply states that people have Zika on their mind and searching it like never before in the history of the search engine. That's why we decided to write on the subject on the Zika virus. 

We didn't want to just talk about the causes, results, and sad stories. Our job is to help you prevent these type of situations and identify tragedy before it happens. So let's start with the basics. What is the Zika Virus?

It is a disease that is spread by the Aedes species mosquito. Those infected by the disease hardly ever go to the hospital and don't even notice that they have it. They may get rashes, joint pains, and red eyes. The worst thing about this virus though is when the infection happens during pregnancy. The mother won't be affected, however, the baby could face challenges for the rest of its life. The virus can cause a major birth defect called the microcephaly along with other major brain defects. Microcephaly is a birth defect that causes the babies head to be smaller, more than usual. Extreme versions of this defect could cause brain damage and leads to major issues such as:
-Vision loss
-Hearing loss
-Unbalanced and having a hard time walking
-Hard time learning

Zika is Sexually Transmitted
The effects may not always be death, but either way, the situation is simply heart breaking. Another fact about the virus is that Zika is in fact sexually transmitted. It travels through the male. CDC doesn't know if it can travel through the female yet, but they're testing to find out.

What are best ways to prevent Zika Virus 
The biggest way to protect your body from Zika is by covering it. The more you wear, the better it is for you. Wearing propellant on the uncovered skin is a must also to help prevention. Know your location when walking. If you're walking near standing waters, abandoned pools, and anywhere where standing waters have aged water, you need to get away and report if possible.

Other things to do would be to:
-Add screens to porches where you sit
-Know that the Aedes species mosquito is out during the daytime
-Wear light colors, mosquitoes love dark colors. 
-Travel with a plan, and do some research on where you're going
-Workout inside, mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide