#1467128773 Found Inside Montclair, NJ Home

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John G.

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Black Carpet Beetle


Adult carpet beetles are harmless and don't do any damage in your home. They're usually just looking for a nice place to lay their eggs. They are attracted to lights at night and so will often enter your home through doors and windows that are not properly sealed, then lay their eggs on carpet and other fabrics. When the eggs hatch, the little "woolly bear" larva emerge and start eating. This is when the damage occurs. Outside, they eat dead insects caught in spider webs (the parts the spiders don't eat,) feathers, hair, starches and so on. In your home, they eat natural fabrics (like the ones found in many carpets and rugs) silk, leather, glue, book bindings, pet food, etc. If you live in a place where carpet beetles are common it's a good idea to regularly clean and inspect these items keeping an eye out for the larva or the skins they leave behind when they molt.


Inside Montclair, NJ Home
Near window

Is the bug harmful?: no

Can it infest into your home?: yes

What should I do about this bug?:

Remove adult beetles from the house, inspect the carpets, bedding and furniture for larvae. Clean and vacuum regularly.