Pest Control Deal In Oakley, CA

Oakley, CA, Pest Control, Coupon

Oakley, CA Pest Control Coupon

My friends there in Oakley, CA is offering this deal (for pest control) on their homepage and wanted to share it with you!  Their company name is:

C&T Rodent & Pest Control

These guys are offering a deal and it’s a good one dealing with rodent inspection. A thorough inspection clearly is the way to go in the pest control world.


If the bug-man decides to walk around, he throws some bait here-and-there, and slaps an invoice; He’s truly amateur! My point is that inspections are important when it comes to these aggravating critters . With hundreds of chemicals out there for different pest, it’s important to know what the problem is first and then to treat.

Another reason to use these guys: Quick Communication. These guys were quick to respond. And that’s not usual with pest control! I’ve contacted hundreds of pest control’s before. I’ve even given pest control leads away before! But you would be amazed, how hard it is to get a hold of anyone in this industry. But not these guys! They responded quickly and wanted to help my users, which I appreciate.

Visit their contact page here.

They perform the following types of controls:

  • Walnut Creek Spiders Control
  • Walnut Creek Insects Control
  • Walnut Creek Bee Control
  • Walnut Creek Mice Control
  • Walnut Creek Rodent Control
  • Walnut Creek Rat Control

Contact Info:

PO Box 2

Oakley, CA 94561

Phone: (800) 461-9886 | (925) 625-2888


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