Metallic Crab Spider

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Metallic Crab Spider

Taxonomy of Metallic Crab Spider: Arthropoda » Arachnida  » Araneae » Philodromidae » Philodromus » Marxi

Physical Description

The metallic crab spider’s name was derived from its copper-like, shiny body. It may also appear as more of a metallic purple in some cases. Though this spider has a few crab-like characteristics and is closely related to crab spiders, it is not a true crab spider (if so it would be in the Thomisidae family). Instead, they are classified in the family of running crab spiders or Philodromidae. The way running crab spiders hold and use their front legs are similar to the true crab spider family. But in actuality, the running crab spider’s front legs are NOT longer than the rest of their legs like it's mentioned relatives. The sizing is not definite because it is very rare to spot a female. The males have been recorded to be smaller than females, with most all spiders, females are larger than males but our sources are unclear as to how much bigger and if the female’s physical appearance is any different from the male. The only time this spider uses web is for wrapping and securing its egg sac.

Here is a video of the metallic crab spider up close:

Location & Habitat

These spiders have been recorded cover a far stretch from eastern Texas and farther east through the Atlantic Coast states. They like temperate forests or woodlands with much foliage and shrubbery to hide among.

Prey & Predators

The metallic crab spider does not spin a web but it does use its speed to run after its prey or run away from its predators. They do not run sideways or move slowly like the true crab family spider.

Harmful to Humans?

These spiders are not medically threatening to humans if bitten. However, highly allergic people who seem to not be coping with the bite well may need to seek medical attention. For others, it should not feel or look any worse than a mosquito or ant bite.

Other Names

Philodromus marxi