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Bed bugs in hotels

Bed bugs are rising in numbers in the USA and have many people worried about their homes. They worry about bringing them home and having these bugs take over, which has happened thousands of times. The number one place you can get them are in hotels. Bed bugs in hotels are no myth and the idea of this has kept so many from traveling. However, there are many ways to prevent this tragedy. It starts with the identification of the bed bug. 

Size of bed bug compared to dime
Credit: Medill DC

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Bed bug prevention within hotels starts at the computer when reserving your room. You begin by reading the reviews on the hotel and make sure that no complaints have been made on the subject. Study and look for the highest reviews on hotels in your area you're looking to stay.

Then, compare prices with other competitors. Don't order from the cheapest hotel, but instead, order among the higher prices. We have worked within hotels and have seen which ones struggle the most. Your cheaper hotels could be struggling simply because of the crowd they are drawing. If someone can't afford good hotel rooms, good chance they can't afford pest control to eliminate bed bugs either.  Pricing can help you in one way. It's not impossible to get bed bugs from these places, but it does help somewhat to order from higher quality hotels. 

How to find bed bugs in hotels

Once you order your hotel room and have arrived at the hotel, go ahead and scope out your room. You don't want to take the time to move luggage inside if the room has possible bed bugs. Look at your home closely and begin with the bed within your inspection. Remove sheets around corners and study the seams closely. There we find the majority of bed bugs most of the time. Also, look around the headboard, and that part of the mattress. 

What to look for
-You're looking for the bed bug
-You're looking for blood stains
-You're looking for black marks around the corners

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Look thoroughly and possibly flip the mattress over and look underneath at the railings. You just want to check really well because all it takes is two bed bugs to infest a home. Once you bring them home, they'll populate and you won't know even know it until it's too late, and now you got to call the exterminator. 

Bringing a flashlight is also helpful when trying to find the bed bugs within hotels also. You may feel weird doing this at first, but if you ever bring home bed bugs, you won't care how you look next time.