Asian Roaches

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Asian Roaches

The Asian Cockroach (Blattella asahinai)

Blattella asahinai, the asian cockroach, was first introduced to the United States in 1986.[1] Usually mixed up with the german cockroach, the asian cockroach has been known to invade homes from the outside by flying, whereas the german cockroaches can’t fly. If within a home they can infest at high rates and therefore many consider the asian roach to be a pest.

Taxonomy: Insects (Insecta) » Cockroaches and Termites (Blattodea) » Blaberoidea » Ectobiidae » Blattellinae » Blattella » Asian Cockroach (Blattella asahinai)

Physical Description

They have 2 stripes on their head that are dark with a long wings that hang over body. They can be 1-2 inches depending on maturity. They are light brown in color with some black blended on the wings.


When they find a location that meets their needs they usually stay. Reports of 30,000 to 250,000 of this type of roach per acre in prime locations have been proven over time and therefore homes should be protected from them.[2] They populate in larger numbers during the summer and infestations breakout heavy during this season.


They foods that contain protein and starches, and they love greasy foods as well. When things are rough and food is hard to find, they sometimes turn cannibalistic and eat each other. They eat what most leave as crumbs underneath tables in homes. 

Lookalike Bugs

The lookalike bug for the asian roach would be the german roach. It’s almost impossible to tell the difference unless you look closer.

How to Control Asian Roaches

Asian roaches have the ability to both fly and reproduce at high rates. Best way to control them is to stop them before coming inside since they fly. The way you do this is by implementing prevention procedures both inside and outside your home.

Things you can do outside to prevent asian roaches would be to:

-Turn off outside porch lights when not needed.
-Keep garbage away from home like near your shelter. If you don’t somewhere to put away from home, take to dumpster more often.

Things to do inside home:
-Clean up spilt drinks -Take trash out often
-Fix any leaking pipes
-Sweep behind fridge and make sure to inspect back there ever so often
-Make sure crumbs are swept up through out house.

If you see an infestation with your home we recommend pest control services by a professional.