Bad Bug List: America’s Dangerous Bug List

The top post  “America’s Most Dangerous Bugs” on Google only has only 11 bugs that are dangerous in it. Sadly though, that’s only half of the bugs we should worry about here in America.

cropped-badbuglist.pngOur Bad Bug List has 22 bugs in it. That’s twice the number of the number 1# post on Google. These are bugs our users need to know about but simply not seeing in the results of their search. So when you promote this app, not only are you making money, you’re saving someone pain.

You’re also promoting the largest list of dangerous bugs known to Americans.

You’re helping with their fear, because many fear what they do not know about. With this app we’re shedding some light on dangerous bugs and most importantly sending them help.

And that “help” would be you.


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