Is Orkin Pest Control In Orlando Any Good?

Question: Is Orkin Pest Control In Orlando Any Good?

Well here’s the ratings Orkin has there in Orlando Florida.

Orlando has great pest control companies there in the city. But is Orkin one of them?

They have 0 ratings and don’t seem to have much feedback, period. So we did some further research and discovered other companies who seem to be doing better there in Orlando concerning pest control.


Here are the top rated pest control companies.

It appears that the top companies to be rated highly are:

1. Pro-Staff Termite & Pest Control

48 Ratings with 5 stars

2. Falcon Lawn & Pest

4 Ratings with 5 stars

The others had a few reviews but they all about equaled out. Except one company, it had 13 reviews with a poor rating. View search results here:

So it seems that Pro-Staff Termite & Pest Control and Falcon Lawn & Pest has the best reputation there in Orlando. So consider this when shopping there for pest control.

Remember this too: Make sure to walk him through the house first and show where the problem area is.

And no, your bugs are’t everywhere! It may seem that way, but there is a source and you must take him/her to where you see them the most.

And if this guy sprays without asking you what the problem is and where it’s at, find you another technician.

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