How ALL Atlanta Pest Control Companies Fail Online

I’m sitting here looking at the ratings of these pest control companies in Atlanta. Like most, I went to Google to see which one had the highest ratings. I get a bunch names and numbers, but no ratings. Nothing separates any of these companies from each other.

Nothing Nada.

This will not only hurt these pest control businesses, but any business for that matter. Atlanta get’s around 150 searches  for the keyword “pest control” per month and nothing stands out to me. It’s hard to even tell these companies get traffic, but don’t let them fool you.

Here are the Atlanta results for “pest control”:

Atlanta, Pest, Control

This is Atlanta?

So out of ALLLL these companies, which one would you pick? 150 view these monthly. What makes them click  one over the other. Really nothing.
150 potential customers x $100= $15,000 of possibility. I’d be willing to beef up my Google presence if I knew $15,000 was flowing my way, wouldn’t you?
No ratings, no articles from these companies, no tips, no effort was made to stand out anywhere in this search. They just slap names and numbers hoping to win a sale. That’s possible if they’re aren’t 10 companies in the same city as you. What makes you stick out?

I know you can call these companies individually, email, and ask friends to learn about these companies. But come on… We’re talking about Orkin and Arrow,  billion dollar companies and they’re just now getting a Facebook.

How important is presentation to these companies? Not very much, well online anyway. It’s the downfall of MOST pest control companies. Nonetheless ratings online. How is this Googler going to know what’s the best pest control in the city?

Millions trust Google, and none of these companies stand out to me. So now I’ve got to go with the gut and hope I luck up and place my health into the hands of a technician who is mixing chemical…

Did I mention Atlanta has the largest Airport in the world with over 450,000 people in it’s boundaries? You know these companies are making mega-bucks in this area. So why is there no way to see who performs better in these cities?

(I smack my forehead)

I know pest control companies are old-fashion, but I’ve seen some pest control companies have over 50 reviews before in cities way smaller. Guess who stood out in my mind? That company. Guess who I didn’t call? The one with the lowest rating.

Do you understand that eBay built it’s billion dollar business on this system alone? Without it, eBay would be nothing. So why do these guys think they can do better without it? Not sure.

So if you’re reading this, please consider adding rating systems to your products. And on Google, Yelp, and these other places. Make sure your rating is good and abundant.

Here’s How You can Improve Your Presentation Online Besides Ratings:

1.Write Articles about the importance of your service

2. Answer questions

3. Talk about your experiences on the job

4. Give prevention tips

5. Be a part of technology. Have your own app.

6. Advertise with Bloggers in Your area (builds high quality back links)

Hope this helps you and your business.



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