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Albino Roach

Taxonomy : Animalia » Arthropoda » Insecta » Blattodea

Physical Description

The albino roach is what many are labeling this white roach they among other roaches in groups. However, there isn’t an albino roach that is permanently that color, not like humans and other animals. But what we have seen seen before are temporary white cockroaches that do in fact exist. What is the difference?

Well, albinism is a genetic condition. This white cockroach is merely going through a, rarely seen by the human eye, molting stage.
Albinism is basically the lack of melanin, which is what controls pigmentation in the body. Albinism is something an organism is born with, it is NOT something that develops after birth. Saying that, cockroaches are only white for a very short amount of time. Because they are arthropods, they go through a molting stage just like any other spider, centipede, butterfly, beetle, ant, etc.


Credit: Psychonaught

Why do they molt?

They molt because they have no bones so they solely depend on their exoskeleton (hard exterior) to help control their legs, wings, head, and anything else that may normally move. The exoskeleton is very hard and rigid, so once it gets too tight for a growing arthropod, they must shed it for a better fit, perhaps roomier, version. The reason people hardly see an “albino cockroach” going through this stage is because they are very vulnerable during the molting process and a couple hours afterwards as well.


The exoskeleton is also still fresh after molting the old shell, it is soft, pliable, and has yet to receive any pigmentation, hence looking white. Because it is still very soft and hasn’t hardened yet, their legs and other moving parts aren’t very controlled making it harder to scurry away from predators. Their instinct is to hide away from any light or air flow until the whole process is complete. So most of us don’t see an “albino roach”.


Location & Habitat

Roaches like damp areas with plenty of shade or a dark and humid environment. Roaches like indoors and outdoors, unfortunately. They are commonly found in and around our gardens, homes, basements, crawlspaces, and sometimes behind our washing machines and dryers. If you have a roach infestation they are hiding behind much more than that such as in cabinets, drawers, ovens, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, and more.


Prey & Predators

Cockroaches in general are bottom feeders. They eat litter and foliage and any food left out by humans. Roaches, no matter what the species, multiple much faster than any particular predator can eat them. Their predators may range from spiders, lizards, toads, frogs, and perhaps more just less often. Pest control companies are commonly being called to exterminate roach infestations which are normally caused from houses that are not closed up well (some crawl spaces and older mobile homes) and/or lack of home maintenance such as vacuuming or sweeping or washing dishes, etc. Roaches are attracted to the food and grime left on floors and elsewhere in the home. If you’re seeing an albino roach, good chance you have an infestation simply because these roaches are rare to find.

Harmful to Humans?

Seeing a roach in general may or may not be a big deal. Seeing a white roach in your house though, is more likely to be a bad situation. The likeliness of seeing a white roach is already rare enough, but one inside your house should give you a clue that you just may have an infestation if this very vulnerable one is out and about. If you see a regular black or brown roach inside, your situation could be better off. If it's an asian roach, it could of just flown in if that’s the only one you’ve seen. If it's an american roach (noticeably large) chances are it just scurried in alone through an open door or crevice. If it's a german roach, that could be a serious alert. We recommend pest control if you even see just a few because these multiple extremely fast, will get into your cabinets, and into open food such as cereal boxes for example.


Other Names

Cockroach, Roach



White roach, albino cockroach, albino roach