Man arrested for raising kids with roaches, rotten food and drugs.

Jerry Bruton arrested

MARSHFIELD, Mo. — “One of four people charged with child endangerment in connection with children found in a home filled with rotting food, cockroaches and cat feces has pleaded guilty and has been sentenced. “

Police had searched the home to find hundreds of roaches, 20-30 cats, rotten food, drugs and drug paraphernalia, among other things. 

“Webster County Prosecutor Debra Padgett says Jerry W. Bruton, Jr., 26, was sentenced to five years for each of three charges of endangering the welfare of a child, to run concurrently.  However, the judge suspended execution of the sentence with conditions, including Bruton having no contact with the other three people charged, which includes his wife.”

Conditions of Jerry Bruton’s suspended execution of sentence are:

· Supervised probation

· 150 hours of community service

· Parenting and drug-resistance classes and counseling

· Court costs

· And no contact with Victoria Bruton, Harmon or Sallee


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