Solar Panel Machine Kills Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are spreading across America and now can be found at a library near you. Pest Control has always been the only solution and is still the best way to rid of these bugs. Now it seems like a machine has arisen to the occasion in the name of bed bugs for libraries.

Bed Bug Machine

UNLV undergraduate engineering students Jack Cheney, Nicole Ramos and Vachara Maneeraj created a solar-powered book drop that roasts bed bugs to death. The project was part of UNLV’s engineering senior design competition in May. All engineering students must collaborate for a year to produce a product using their engineering skills.”

Read more about the invention here: Bed Bug Machine

It’s something that chemicals can’t touch, for instance the books that humans will be touching. It’s  a great side tool for prevention and will be a great resource. It’s also great for killing germs.

Some believe it will be great for DVDs also, but I believe this to be faulty. Consider the fact that DVDs are electronic and can be affected by hot temperatures, I would stay away.

For people though who believe this to be 100% foolproof, dealing with bed bugs, they’re sadly mistaken.


Bedbug travels in many ways, and this machine will help sure, but one of the biggest ways bed bugs travel is by their food supply, people. Bed bugs stay close to humans because we are their supply of blood. They travel in bags, clothes, shoes, pocketbooks, etc. So the machine will help, but it’s really for peace of mind. When it all goes down and bed bugs have landed the library couch, guess who is getting the call, your local pest control.


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