Most Popular Bug Discovered (Based On Google)

A blog called “This Bug Bites” performed a study on what bug had been the searched the most this year. The results were absolutely mind boggling.

Bee Most Popular Online

You will never believe what bug was most popular.

The bee.

The stats were based on World Wide searches, and not just North America. (But the rankings are even the same in the U.S.)

Ranking goes:

  1. Bee
  2. Spider
  3. Mosquito
  4. Flea

Chart above is based on bites. The spider isn’t seen here on this chart, but it appears here because the numbers are off a little due to a famous movie series.

Even though, based on bites, it seems as though the Mosquito maybe up on top of the Bee by a pitch, the article: What bug is most popular? gives more detail on how the bee is most popular.

It also gives more detail on how the spider technically is first in search. But because it’s affected by the movie series “Spider-Man” it throws off the numbers.

So because of this, it makes the spider place 2nd on the charts overall.

That’s why naturally, the bee wins over the spider.

So it gives you an idea what people are thinking about these days. You might want to apply these studies somehow in your company if you run a business around these guys.

Don’t do like Orkin did back last year: Orkin Wipes Out Bee Colony On TV People was raged, and Orkin lost many accounts because of it. So it shows people are concerned and I don’t blame them. They’re our way of food, without them, we starve.


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