BedBugs Found In North Platte Library

The public found locked doors Friday afternoon at the North Platte Library in North Platte, Nebraska.

“Yesterday afternoon we were notified by Cecelia Lawrence over at the library that some bed bugs had been discovered in a couple of pieces of furniture over there, so she immediately contacted the exterminators and had them go over there and make an assessment of the situation,” said North Platte City Administrator, Jim Hawks.

North Platte Mayor Dwight Livingston has ordered the closure of the library until Tuesday, May 27th.

“It’s my understanding that the life of a bed bug is two weeks, and so they suggested to us that it would be safe to go ahead and open the library back up on Tuesday morning and so that’s what we’ll do.  In two weeks they will be back and make a second treatment,” said Hawks

Once upon a time bedbugs were known to be found in hotels alone, it’s where people got them. Seems like that’s not the truth anymore. Bedbugs are appearing more and more in public, like in this situation, the North Platte Library.

“We are exercising caution and we’re going to take care and treat the entire building and get on top of this situation,” said Hawks.

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