Fish-Eating Spiders (With Photos)

Nature is amazing, definitely when it comes to Spiders.

They have been known to attack birds and insects, but a fish? According to LA Times, it happens alot. A man was interviewed by them who performed a study about fish-eating spiders.

His results? Astounding.

Fish-eating spider

In this new study, Nyffeler and his colleague Bradley Pusey of the University of Western Australia scoured scientific journals and the Internet to find as many records of spiders attacking and devouring fish as they could. Through their research, they unearthed 89 incidents of spiders eating fish.

More than half of those incidents were documented in the United States. Most of them occurred in the South, especially the Southeast (think Florida), but there were eight examples recorded in California as well. Source - LA Times

Another cool fact is that these spiders don’t produce webs, but instead they’re more semi-aquatic. Which means that they hang around water most the time.

How the ambush works:

Spider ambushes fish

They will sit on top of the water for the small fish to surface the water. When it does, the spider strikes in the head with it’s venom. Eventually the fish floats to the top, and the spider carries it to the shore.

Then it’s lunch time.

So just when you thought spiders were tough enough, they now attack animals from the land, air, and the sea (or pond).

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