Incurable mosquito-borne virus found in GA?

Chikungunya, Mosquitoe,

Manning feeling painful symptoms from the Chikungunya virus

An incurable mosquito-borne virus was found in GA this past week. A virus with no way of treatment at this point.

One of the victims would be a 22 year old woman in CLEVELAND, Ga. View Video Interview

“My joints were hurting really bad. I was like getting really out of breath and having a fever,” said Ashley Manning.

Ashley had just came back from a mission trip to Haiti. Not knowing what was about to next.

“I just thought I was not going to be able to walk, like I was constantly going to have these pains. I guess that’s what scared me. I also was running an intense high fever,” said Manning. She was having the symptoms of the Chikungunya virus.

The virus has rapidly spread throughout  the Caribean in recent months and has infected U.S. travelers. Residents in a half-dozen states have been affected, with the worst in Florida, where 25 cases have been reported.

Manning told Channel 2′s Tom Regan she received a malaria vaccination prior to her trip and didn’t believe Chikungunya to be a threat. But later she found out the very opposite.

Her doctors told her pains would come in go for the next 3 years.

Health officials say they have not reports of mosquitoes transmitting the virus in the U.S.


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