Bedbug lawsuit could cost $2.45 million

Residents of Elsie Mason Manor and Ligutti Tower have joined together to file a lawsuit that will cost the renters over $2.45 million after ignoring the elderly and disabled who lived there.

The lawsuit brought by elderly bedbug-bitten residents of two downtown Des Moines apartment buildings has just now been agreed to a preliminary approval of paying the last 300 people who have lived there. Each will receive from $200 to $6,000

“Residents filed the lawsuit in March 2010 seeking money for back rent, lost property and other hardships.”

Resident Jo Ann Meyer agreed. “You go in anywhere, a grocery store, a doctor’s office, anywhere. Everybody just backs off when they hear you live at Elsie Mason Manor,” Meyer said.

The managers, being slow to react to the bites, are now facing a lawsuit after 200 people had complained about the situation.

One comment on “Bedbug lawsuit could cost $2.45 million
  1. Man that is so sad to hear and so sorry on the renters part! One simple call to the closest pest control company could have saved them millions!!!!

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